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Sustainable U!

Event Information


2016 Dates will be posted here soon

Event Info

Day 1

Registration/Double Header

Who Should Attend: Girls (Ages 8-17) and Women (18 and older)

Where: Cranbrook Institute of Science Museum (Auditorium) – 39221 Woodward Avenue, Bloomfield Hills, MI 48304

 Day 2

Transformation Empowerment & Life Application Circles

Who Should Attend: Girls (Ages 8-17) and Women (18 and older)

Where: Cranbrook Institute of Science Museum (Auditorium) – 39221 Woodward Avenue, Bloomfield Hills, MI 48304

Day 3

Super Girl & Super Mom Mentoring Club Luncheon – (optional)

Who Should Attend: Mother & Daughter Combos – Girls (Ages 8-17) and Women (18 and older)

Where: Cranbrook Institute of Science Museum (Auditorium) – 39221 Woodward Avenue, Bloomfield Hills, MI 48304 – (Includes Lunch)

Note: Sustainable U! Registration includes Cranbrook Institute of Science entry fee

sustainable u

Sustainable U! 2015

Sustainable U!

We are committed to respond to the societal need for women leaders around the world to unite, coach, teach, fully equip and empower girls’ and  women in finance, business operations, risk management and life skills and one another “how to live” sustainable lives of purpose, wisdom, power, influence and impact so they can leave an inheritance, transform future generations, build legacy and communities from their assigned levels, positions, businesses, cities and nations.

To provide foundational, positional and leadership development, money and banking, wealth management, business operations, strategic planning, enterprise risk management/insurance, international cultural competence, character and life development skills (i.e., workplace and personal etiquette, communication, ethics, character and confidence building, self-esteem, etc.) and sustainable life training for women and girls’ locally, nationally and internationally. 

What We Believe
Education, Equipping and Empowerment are critical elements for sustainable you and life! 

Who Should Attend
Only those interested in breaking the generational, international and intergenerational cycle of women and girls’ not being fully educated, equipped and empowered 4 sustainable life in finance, business and leadership success.

Our Objectives:

  1. Provide a multicultural, intergenerational financial literacy, business and life development skills, personal, character and professional development, equipping (“how to”) stations and empowerment sessions where women coaches and leaders unite, coach, learn, mentor, educate and equip generations for next level game and world changer business, finance and leadership opportunities, maximized success and service to others.
  1. Facilitate Teen, Young Adult and Chief Executive (CEO), Senior and Management Level Transformation Empowerment Circles (not to exceed 20 participants) to support small group transformational break-out sessions, coaching and equipping, intergenerational idea and knowledge exchange and participant follow-through.  Participants will also be encouraged to engage in (“Team”) Model exercises while proposing and implementing strategies and  solutions to address money management, business operations, character, integrity and life skills issues facing girls’ and women within the U.S and abroad.
  1. Equip CEO/Executive Women, positional and next level women leaders with business operations, succession, strategic planning, diversification strategies, proven best practices, enterprise risk management, intergenerational coaching and mentoring opportunities resulting in professional development, multiplication, community, economic growth and empowerment.
  2. Coach, mentor girls’ and women of all ages on “how to” make right choices, pursue and model lives of character, integrity, excellence, etiquette, equip and empower them “how to” to lead and teach others.
  3. Equip girls’ (youth and teens) and their mothers with business, financial and critical life development skills required for them to excel, meet their current needs; live sustainable lives in the present and future.  Also, teach them how to recognize and understand the importance of helping future generations from having the ability to meet their needs.
  4. Address the need to equip the next generation of girls’, young adult and women leaders with critical life skills, leadership, business, financial literacy and risk management skills necessary for them to live sustainable lives in the present and future.