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NJE Total Transformation Multi-Sport Empowerment Camp

Event Information



Event Info

Day 1

Sports Night at the Cranbrook Institute of Science Museum
Sustainable U! Sports & Beyond – Game of Life Huddle Event

Join our dynamic panel discussion consisting of youth, high school, college amateur and professional athletes, parents, educators, and community and business leaders.

Who Should Attend: This event is recommended for and open to the General Public

Where: Cranbrook Institute of Science Museum (Auditorium) – 39221 Woodward Avenue, Bloomfield Hills, MI 48304

Wear your favorite Team Jersey or Team Colors!

Note: Total Transformation Youth Multi-Sports Empowerment Camp Registration includes museum admission fees. All attendees must register for this event. Please click on the registration link below to register for either the camp or this event.


Days 2 – 3

Total Transformation Youth Multi Sports Empowerment Camp

Coaching, empowering, educating, equipping and transforming the lives of athletes and their parents for sustainable lives beyond sports. Physical, economic empowerment, spiritual, character, leadership and critical life skills development.

Who Should Attend: Youth Ages 8-17

Sports Represented: Basketball, Soccer, Football and Cheerleading (Sideline)/Dance

Where: Cranbrook Kingswood Girls’ Middle School – 39221 Woodward Avenue, Bloomfield Hills, MI 48304

Note: Sports Camp Registrations are limited to ensure Small Breakout Huddles and Training Sessions

**Online registration will be available at least 30 days prior to the next camp**

NJE Camps

Camp Overview – NJE Total Transformation Youth & Parent Multi-Sport Empowerment Camp “like none other”, is purposed on transforming and equipping athletes (Boys’ & Girls’-Ages 8-17) and their parents for life beyond the sport/court.  In addition to strengthening the physical and spiritual muscles of athletes, foundation laying and next level financial literacy, entrepreneurship and critical life development skill sessions will be offered to athletes and their parents.

Physical/Training Sessions
Along with physical training sessions, athletes will learn responsible Debit/Credit Card Use, Banking Relationships (Checking & Savings), Credit Score, Now or Later Spending Plans, Leadership, Character & Integrity Life Skills,  Virtue & Valor, Choices, Lady & Gentleman Etiquette, Humility and other Offensive/Defensive Strategies.

Why Total Transformation Is Not Optional?
Having walked in the shoes of the amateur and professional athlete, coach, business and spiritual mentor to athletes and their families, Evans understands first hand why the athlete and their parents need total transformation and to be equipped and empowered 4 life beyond the game or injury.   In addition to this year’s Camp being infused with business and financial literacy sessions, this year’s Camp also offers Coaching & Equipping Stations for parents of athletes to receive financial, business planning, career and life skill coaching and development.  In addition to lending her sports, business and finance expertise, Evans’ has assembled an “All Star” Community Team of sports, educational, spiritual, business and financial leaders who will lend their talents and personal commitment of coaching and equipping the next generation and their parents for the game of life. Evans says, “It is not okay for our young athletes and their families to continue to be headline news, excelling in sports, yet lacking character, integrity, financial literacy, business and life skills necessary to live a sustainable life beyond the field/court.   Based on her own personal experience, Evans raised by a single Mom says that she would attend camps/conferences, return back home fired up about what she had learned.

Evans says although her Mom did her best, her Mom alone was not fully equipped to teach her the business, financial and critical life skills necessary for her to excel beyond the game of fame.  Several “All Star” Community sports, educational, spiritual, business and finance leaders stood in the gap and helped her become the woman she is today.  Evans is committed to serving and giving back to help equip the next generation and their parents beyond the game of fame and injury.  See You There!

 (*This is not a Cranbrook Institute of Science or Cranbrook Schools affiliated Camp)