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A list of both Kingdom Timeout and Sustainable U! blogs

Kingdom Timeout

Most of us are familiar with the typical sports time-out, when the head coach calls a “time-out” because he/she wants to talk directly to the team.  My head coach would always call time-outs during the most critical or strategic times of the game to provide wisdom, clarity and instruction for the next assignment.  Especially when we were fearful, started taking our eyes off of the prize and whenever it appeared that we were losing to our opponent. There were even times when I felt pressure during the game that I would run hastily to the huddle to receive wisdom and... Read More

Degree of Difficulty

Have you ever watched the eager and fearless attitude of an individual participating in an extreme/adventure sport?  I am talking about those extreme/adventure sports regarded as having a high level of danger or risk.  The extreme kind of sports that when we perceive the degree of difficulty involved, our first question is usually “you are going to do what?”.  After which, the daring participant may respond, “I perceive the degree of difficulty and risk, yet I believe I can and I am willing to attempt it.” Although there are many extreme sports, skydiving has been recognized as one of the... Read More

Extreme Spiritual Makeover

When watching the television show, “Extreme Makeover” Home Edition, we witness the complete transformation of homes.  Each episode usually begins with sharing the story (“testimony“) about the condition of the house and the contributions of its owner.  Helping the audience understand why the house that was chosen is in need of an “extreme makeover”.  After which, the existing condition of the house (flaws, inadequacies, broken areas, weaknesses, shortcomings, threats posed to the occupants, etc) are highlighted along with the restoration and renewal plan. Next the Producer allows the viewer to witness the demolition, rebuilding and construction (transformation) process used to... Read More

simon says…but what does GOD Say?

The game of Simon was another fun game we played while growing up.  Consisting of three or more players, one of the players was designated “it” – i.e., Simon.  We listened and chose to do whatever Simon told us to do when asked starting with the phrase “Simon says”.  For instance, if Simon said “Simon says clap your hands”, we clapped our hands, without question.  All of the players who did not follow Simon’s command were out of the game.  On the other hand, if the player designated as “it” said “clap your hands”, without first stating “Simon says”, we... Read More


When I played sports, it was obvious which team I represented based on the name, color and logo on my uniform.  In addition, I was pretty bold when declaring and standing up for my team.  Today, when watching teams compete, it is still quite obvious which team the players represent.  There is no doubt which team is considered “home” or away and the supporting fans.  The fans are usually identified by the color of their jerseys, face paint, posted signs or other notable gestures exhibited in support of their team. Also, thousands of people march and/or show up for rallies... Read More

Hide & Seek

I don’t know about you, but the game of “Hide and Seek” was a lot of fun for me.  I am, of course, referring to the children’s game in which one player closes his/her eyes giving the others time to hide.  After counting to ten (10), the child opens his/her eyes and goes to find the other players.  Although I no longer play the children’s game of “Hide and Seek”, I wanted to share with you some of the key values I learned from the game. Depending upon the skill or creativity of the players, sometimes it would take me... Read More

Sold Out!

An Entrepreneur selling his/her product loves to hear the words “sold out”.  When linked to the sale of products, “sold out”, usually equates to profit or increase.  Remarkably, when we resolve to become “sold out” Christians, it does not usually, but ALWAYS result in profitability and increase in our lives.  Being “sold out” for Jesus Christ has kingdom privileges too numerous to mention.   Not limited to salvation, love, wisdom, peace, favor, joy, spiritual prosperity, strength, deliverance, healing, abundance, overflow, fruitfulness, etc. Having a personal and intimate relationship with God is the best thing that has ever happened to me.  I’m... Read More

Who Are You Following? Who’s Following You?

Every day of our lives, (regardless of age, class, activity, sport, ministry, relationship, business or occupation), we find ourselves serving in the dual role of “follower” and “leader”.  In addition to following the instructions provided by my single mom, my first role as a “follower” started back in grade school.  I recall playing a children’s game called “Follow the Leader”.  There was always a designated leader and wherever the leader marched, with my child like faith, I willingly and obediently imitated and followed the leader without hesitation. My teachers, mentors, coaches and spiritual leaders also emphasized the importance of my... Read More

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