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About Us


Our Motto:
  Coaching, Equipping & Transforming 4 the Game of LIFE!

Transform 4 Life, passionately purposed on educating, equipping and empowering athletes (boys’ and girls’ all sports), women, teens (girls’ ages 13-17) and entrepreneurs “how to” live sustainable (full) LIFE.

Regardless of race, creed or ethnicity, across all sports, we continue to witness “life during and after sports” stories highlighting athletes experiencing challenges and sometime failures in the areas of business, finance, drugs, alcohol, character, integrity, domestic and other areas of life.  The “life after sports” stories also continue to highlight athletes, entertainers and their families as bankrupt and not having left an inheritance for their children’s children.   Often times, as a result of having a lack of knowledge and no personal or family game plan focused on sustainable (full) life beyond sports.  Strength and conditioning of the athlete’s physical muscles remain the #1 priority, while athletes of all ages and their family members often neglect strengthening and conditioning their sustainable (full) life (full) muscles (i.e.,  money management, budgeting and retirement planning, diversification, critical life development skills, character development, integrity, succession planning, business and financial literacy and spiritual development).  All, required for legacy and sustainable (full) life beyond sports.

Additionally, we continue to read numerous articles and hear many reasons why many businesses fail and/or the amount of consumer debt which continues to rise.  Oftentimes, largely, attributed to the lack of knowledge, foundation laying, preparation and application needed prior to launch adversely impacting transformation and multiplication.  Although women and athletes are continuing to rise into positions of influence, power and purpose, are we coaching, empowering and educating, so the needs of future generations can be met?

When we talk about sustainable business, people, profit and planet remain on the forefront.  When we think about future generations, we must ask ourselves, are we educating, fully equipping and empowering them to o play their assigned positions in the game of LIFE.

We believe the NJE Total Transformation Youth & Parent Multi-Sport Empowerment Camp “like none other”, (Founded 2011), a multi-cultural, multi-faceted youth camp focused on strengthening the physical and spiritual muscles of young athletes (ages 13-17) also equipping them with basic life skills required to win at the game of life. 

Norma Jean Evans, Athlete (4-Time Hall of Famer), Executive, Entrepreneur, Author, says having walked in the shoes of the amateur and professional athlete, business and spiritual mentor to athletes, and their families, understands first hand why athletes and their parents need total transformation and to be equipped and empowered 4 life beyond the game or injury.   In addition to the sports camps being infused with business and financial literacy sessions, Transform 4 Life multi-sports camp offer Athlete/Parent Empowerment Summits and Equipping Stations for parents of athletes to receive financial, business planning, career and life skill coaching and development.  In addition to lending her sports, business and finance expertise, Norma Jean Evans’ assembles an “All Star” Community Team of sports, educational, faith-based, business and financial leaders who lend their skills, talents, treasures and personal commitment of coaching and equipping existing athletes and their parents for the game of LIFE!

Evans says, “It is not okay for our young athletes and their families to continue to be headline news, excelling in sports, yet lacking character, integrity, financial literacy, business and life skills necessary to live a sustainable life beyond the field/court.   Based on her own personal experience, Evans raised by a single Mom says that she would attend camps/conferences, return back home fired up about what she had learned.  Evans says in the absence of her father, although her Mom did her best, her Mom alone was not fully equipped to teach her all of the business, financial and critical life development skills necessary for her to excel beyond sports.    Several “All Star” Community sports, business, finance, educational and faith-based leaders stood in the gap and helped her become the woman of character she is today.  Evans’ is committed to serving and giving back to help equip the existing and next generation of athletes and their parents live sustainable lives beyond the game of sports and injury.

Evans currently serves as Director of Sustainability & Business Services at Cranbrook Educational Community (Cranbrook).  Norma joined Cranbrook in 1994, where four (4) years later she was a recipient of the 1999 President Award for Excellence presented to faculty, staff and volunteers who epitomize Cranbrook dedication to excellence and community collaboration.

During the course of her executive career, Evans’ span of responsibilities have included but not limited to administration, sustainability, strategic planning; fiscal analysis and planning; management and supervision of 130+ employees responsible for providing services in the following areas:  purchasing, campus safety and security, parking, transportation, custodial services, facility planning, building maintenance and remodeling, human resources, information technology, landscape and grounds, mechanical and electrical services, locksmith, inventory control, surplus property, fixed assets, mailing services, environmental services, faculty/staff housing, event management, insurance, risk management, contract development and negotiation, copyright/trademark, catering, photography, vending services, management and execution of operating and capital budgets.

From the streets of Baltimore to athlete, to administrator, to senior level executive, to author to entrepreneur, Norma is determined to share her story, gifts and talents to educate, equip and empower girls’ and women.  Evans says she has dedicated her life to coaching, equipping and empowering women and girls’ in the game of sports.  She is passionate and determined to be a member of the team assigned to help coach, equip and empower the next generation of women and girls’ for sustainable (full) life.

Evans founded the Sustainable U! Women & Girls Finance, Business, Leadership Development Empowerment Institute (2014), focused on providing foundational, positional and next level leadership, money and wealth management, business management and operations, strategic planning, enterprise risk management, insurance, international and inter-generational cultural competence, character and life development skills training for women and girls’ locally, nationally and internationally.

When asked who should attend the Sustainable U Institute?  Evans responds, only those women and teens interested in leading and breaking the generational, international and intergenerational cycles of not being fully educated, equipped and empowered for current and next level finance, business and leadership success.  Check out our website for additional information.

A portion of the proceeds from the Sustainable U! Institute event registrations will be used to establish a Scholarship and Endowment Fund to support business operations and  strategic planning training for managers and leaders of non-profit organizations that provide shelter and transitional housing for women and girls ages 12-17.  Assessment, accountability and return on investment progress reports will be developed for each facility.  Our Sustainable U! Youth Scholarship Fund will also provide academic and sports partial and full scholarships for our transformation sports camp, high school and college tuition assistance for single moms/daughters.  We will work with our orphanages, foster care facilities, girl/women shelters, high schools and non-profit educational institutions to identify scholarship funding and recipients based on established criteria.