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Transform 4 Life is an organization that is focused on Coaching, Equipping & Empowering 4 the Game of LIFE! This simply means that we are purposed to help build life skills and good character traits that can assist in making better life decisions and as a result, live better, more productive lives. We believe the absence of some foundational knowledge creates for many, a state of hopelessness and leads to a life without long-term planning and a chain of unwise, spur-of-the-moment decisions. We just want to do our part to eliminate this problem and in doing so, help create more vibrant and sustainable individuals, communities, cities and nations. We hope you will join us in this cause. Contact Us TODAY!



Our Motto

Coaching, Equipping & Transforming 4 the Game of LIFE!

Our Purpose

Transform 4 Life, passionately purposed on educating, equipping and empowering athletes (boys’ and girls’ all sports), women, teens (girls’ ages 13-17) and entrepreneurs “how to” live sustainable (full) LIFE.

Our Cause

Regardless of race, creed or ethnicity, across all sports, we continue to witness “life during and after sports” stories highlighting athletes experiencing challenges and sometime failures in the areas of business, finance, drugs, alcohol, character, integrity, domestic and other areas of life. The “life after sports” stories also continue to highlight…

The Christian Athlete Playbook

A book by our founder, Norma Jean Evans, that provides the reader with life changing, empowering tools that are based in the Word of God, revelation from Him and Evans’ personal life lessons and confessions. Contrary to its title, this book is not just applicable to athletes, but to anyone seeking to improve their lives through the understanding and application of biblical principles.

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The Christian Athlete Playbook

The Christian Athlete Playbook equips the athlete for success in position and kingdom purpose by:

• Providing 20 Proven Life Lessons, meditation scriptures, “transparent” personal testimony and prayer confessions that will result in spiritual transformation and maturity.

• Utilizing Application Drills to assist the athlete with becoming a “doer” and not just a hearer of the Word of God.

• Equipping the athlete with Scouting Reports, Offensive and Defensive Strategies on how to defeat the opponent.

“Whether you are a Christian athlete or an athlete in general, time is a valuable commodity. As athletes, we often find time for everything and everyone, but little time for God. This Playbook is not a substitute for the Word of God or Book of Life (Bible), but it is a valuable tool to help you stay close to the Word and assist in your study of the Word. It covers all the strategic blows the enemy uses against us as Christians, young and old.”
Taj McWilliams-Franklin
Former Women’s National Basketball Association (WNBA) Player

“A must read for all, but especially the Christian athlete. Norma’s testimonies and experiences as a professional athlete were God given to produce this work and bless the body of Christ. It is a Playbook designed to help you win at the most important game – life.”
Elder Gerald Johnson
Detroit World Outreach Redford, Michigan

Norma Jeans Evans, aka Norma “Mean Jean” Knight on the basketball court, is a four-time Hall of Famer, is listed in the NCAA (National Collegiate Athlete Association) “Women’s Basketball’s Finest” publication, a former Coach and WNBA (Women’s National Basketball Association) Detroit Shock Chaplain to name just a few of her accomplishments. Norma is most proud that she is an Ambassador, chosen by God to coach and equip the body of Jesus Christ.


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